Effective Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business

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Internet marketing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, thanks to the growing awareness of the World Wide Web. We'd like to share several proven online marketing approaches we feel can be of value to you.

Article marketing has proved to be a great way to promote any product, yet still not many Internet marketers put it to good use in their own marketing arsenal.

Perhaps the easiest way to benefit from any article marketing you do is to write articles that abide by a proven pattern. Open with a strong headline that grabs attention, then write an opening paragraph designed to stimulate interest, while the rest of the article can be used to incite desire for your product, and finally, add a resource box that includes a strong call to action. In copywriting, this is known as the AIDA formula, and it can work extremely well in article marketing too. When you write articles to use for your marketing, remember to focus on addressing a particular problem that you can then offer a solution for within your resource box. Show them why their problem needs to be addressed and offer some education about the topic. Try to avoid direct selling within your article, but add some pre-selling aspects instead. The object is to entice your readers to want to learn more so they'll eventually turn into prospects. However, if you write vague or boring articles, your response rate will be very low. Remember the reason you're creating and posting articles in the first place is to aim at generating plenty of targeted traffic, not give them a text-book lecture. So if you want to do this, your articles have to be in a flow and lead the reader to the resource box, where your website is listed along with the information about your offer. If you can do these things, you'll be able to leveraging your article marketing efforts for the best results.

Another easy strategy that you can apply to take your Internet marketing venture forward is to comment on relevant blogs in your niche, in order to get more exposure. One of the best perks of commenting is that you can leave a link, so people intrigued by your comment can click through and visit your website. Another benefit of commenting is that you're creating targeted backlinks to your site. Leaving a comment here and there is simple and straightforward, and has a huge overall effect in the end. Find bogs in your niche with a high PR, and in commenting on them you'll be raising your own PR. Also, don't forget to leave your keyword in the anchor text of your link, since it really matters to the search engines.

Craigslist doesn't enjoy the popularity it once had, but you can still do something with it and make it work for you. Consistency is the key with this site, and you'll need to keep posting your ads and testing new ad copy, etc. This site can give you a lot of exposure and get you targeted traffic, but the key to succeeding with it is to keep posting your ads (following their guidelines) and play around with the ad copy to test and find the best ad. So keep alert to any strategies you can learn because you never know what can tilt the scales in your favor.

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